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Fresh Vegetables

Standard Process

Dr. Jacquelyn Wiermaa recommends Standard Process because it is a unique company that uses whole organic food as the backbone for its supplements. The food is grown on a 623-acre farm in Palmyra Wisconsin. Over 80% of the raw plant ingredients used in the products are grown on the farm. This company was started in 1929 by founder Dr. Royal Lee. 

Wellevate Professional Supplement Dispensary

An online virtual dispensary with a wide variety of high-quality supplements available. Supplements will be shipped to you for convenience. 

"Create an Account" to directly access recommended vitamins and supplements, set up automatic refills, and receive other communications from me. Plus, shipping is FREE on orders of $49 or more. Please enjoy a 30% off MSRP on all products

Cosmetic Oils


This company was started in 1915 by Dr. Shaklee. He invented the first multivitamin in the United States. They have a 100% money-back guarantee if you are not happy with the products. Shaklee tests its products for over 350 harmful contaminants. There are over 110 published studies showing positive health effects from Shaklee products

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