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Educational Resources

Avoiding Toxins

EWG- Healthy Home Checklist

Control Group Study

EWG - Safe Drinking Guide 

Avoiding Toxins in Oral Health Products

The Problem With Plastic

Reducing Exposures to Harmful Chemicals

EWG - Guide to Safer Phone Use

Water Filtration


Food Sources Cruciferous Vegetables

Good Foods 

Tumeric Paste

Reasons Sugar Ruins your Gut Health

A guide to Cooking with Fats and Oils

Iodine Sources

Phytonutrient Spectrum Foods

Non-Toxic Sources for Food Preparation 

Food Sources of Zinc

Rainbow Recipes

Gut Health

Better Butter for the Gut

Bone Broth Recipes


Herbs in Pediatrics

Healthy Eating Tips for Children

Infants and Probiotics

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